To be eligible to read for Honors in Dance and Drama, a student must meet the following requirements:

1. The applicant must be a student in good standing who can offer, at the time of application, a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.33 or better.

2. The applicant is limited to a single major. Because of the extensive nature of the projects, no double majors will be allowed to read for Honors in drama.

3. The candidate for Honors will be expected to maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.33 and a G.P.A. of 3.5 or better within the major throughout the course of study.

To apply, the student will present a plan for a scholarly or artistic project in the subjects of Dance or Drama to the Department faculty before the second semester of the Junior year. This project will be designed to take not less than 1 unit, and not more than 1½ units of tutorial study. The faculty will evaluate this proposal in terms of its originality and ambition, its intrinsic and pedagogical value, and its practical feasibility. Students interested in becoming honors candidates in dance and drama should speak with their advisor or the department chair.

Once the proposal is approved, the student may enroll, as appropriate, in courses in Junior Honors (Dance 397, 398 or Drama 397, 398) and Senior Honors (Dance 497, 498 or Drama 497, 498).

Typically, an Honors tutorial will be conducted as tutorials for Senior Theses are run: that is, a schedule will be designed by the candidate and his or her assigned tutor. Work will progress along the lines proposed in the original application. Each semester's work (½ unit) will be assigned a letter grade based on the process of preparing and progress toward completing the final project. This grade will appear on the transcript. A grade of B+ or better must be achieved in each semester's work of the Honors project in order to continue the student's eligibility to pursue a degree with Honors in Dance or Drama.

At the end of the Junior year's work, assuming the student is meeting the grade level in tutorial for eligibility for the program (B+), the student will be given an oral examination by the faculty of the Department much like those oral exams given to every senior major. The subject of this examination will be the student's work to date. At that point, the candidate will be given one of two evaluations in writing - the progress will be considered unacceptable for Honors - i.e. the work may be good enough to be considered passing, but is not worthy of continuing as a project for special recognition as Honors level work - or, the work will be accepted for Honors, making the candidate eligible to enroll in Senior Honors courses.

If a student's work is deemed unacceptable for continuing work for Honors, that judgement will in no way affect the student's eligibility to continue as a regular Senior major in Dance or Drama, including enrollment for the Senior Project, nor will it affect the letter grade or credit awarded by the tutor for the course work in Dance 397, 398 or Drama 397, 398.

Once the Junior year's work is approved, the candidate can proceed to the Senior year's tutorials and final presentation. Again, the tutorials will be given letter grades each semester based on the process of work and the progress toward completion of the final project. These grades must still reach B+ or better in order for the student to continue toward Honors.

Once the final project (paper or performance) is offered to the faculty, it will be shown to an outside examiner, who will visit the College in order to evaluate the candidate and the offered work. The degree of Honors will be decided by the outside examiner in consultation with the members of the faculty of the Department of Dance and Drama on the basis of the candidate's work and performance during the oral examination.