Ubongabasi Asuquo ’23

Hometown: Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria
Major: Biology with an anthropology minor
Other academic interests: Public health
Must-take Kenyon course: Introduction to Linguistics Anthropology
Involved in: Black Student Union, Coalition for Christian Outreach, Sisterhood, African Students Organization, Student Council, the Kenyon Collegian newspaper
In my free time, I’m biking around campus with my friends and having impromptu photoshoots. 

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Alasia Destine-DeFreece ’21


Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
Major: Modern languages and literatures (Arabic) with an Islamic cultures and civilizations concentration
Other academic interests: Art history and film
Must-take Kenyon course: Politics of the Modern Arabic Novel
Involved in: Gund Gallery, Community Advisor, Greek life, a cappella
In my free time, I’m at Wiggin Street Coffee where I love to study or just hang out.

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Maxim Farkhat ’22

Hometown: Kyiv, Ukraine
Major: International studies with an anthropology minor
Other academic interests: History, art
Must-take Kenyon course: Zen Buddhism
Involved in: Campus Mediators and community volunteer programs
In my free time, I’m spending time with my friends, going to Peirce to eat delicious desserts, swimming at the KAC or running on the Gap Trail.

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Jackson Fletcher ’21


Hometown: Newtown, Connecticut
Major: English
Other academic interests: Psychology, philosophy, political science, religious studies, history, art history
Must-take Kenyon course: Texting: How to Read Like an English Major
Involved in: Club soccer, Outdoors Club
In my free time, I read, watch movies, play volleyball and volunteer at a dog shelter.

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Mike Henry ’21


Hometown: Pittsburgh
Major: English with a creative writing emphasis
Other academic interests: As many music classes as I can take
Must-take Kenyon course: Intro to Poetry Writing
Involved in: A cappella, student bands, WKCO radio
In my free time, I make music with friends, go on hikes in the BFEC and play pick-up basketball at the KAC. 

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Jonathan Hernández ’21


Hometown: Lillington, North Carolina
Major: Modern languages and literatures (French/German) and psychology
Other academic interests: Anthropology and English
Must-take Kenyon course: Cross-Cultural Psychology
Involved in: Queer Masculinities Society, Adelante, Community Advisor, volleyball, squash, a cappella
In my free time, I’m playing card games, taking a nap or at the Gambier Deli with my friends. 

Josh Katz ’22


Hometown: Philadelphia
Major: Mathematics with a scientific computing concentration
Other academic interests: Non-major physics, economics, Spanish
Must-take Kenyon course: Doing the Work
Involved in: Ultimate Frisbee, Quiz Bowl, men’s soccer
In my free time, I enjoy taking walks on Middle Path and working out at the KAC. 

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Xingyue Liu ’21

Xingyue Liu

Hometown: Shanghai
Major: Psychology and philosophy
Other academic interests: Anthropology, art, music
Must-take Kenyon course: Cognitive Neuroscience
Involved in: Snowden Multicultural Center, Apprentice Language Teacher in Chinese, Badminton Club, Outdoors Club
In my free time, I have tea with friends and professors, practice singing, learn K-pop and break dance.

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Isabella Meneguzzi ’22


Hometown: Toronto
Major: Psychology with an environmental studies concentration
Other academic interests: Anthropology
Must-take Kenyon course: Health and Healing
Involved in: Field hockey, Greek life
In my free time, I’m running on the Gap Trail, spending time with my friends and engaging in philanthropic events with my sorority sisters. 

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Iggy Nah ’23


Hometown: Chicago
Major: Molecular biology with a chemistry minor
Other academic interests: Pre-med, English, creative writing
Must-take Kenyon course: Methods for Promoting Science Understanding
Involved in: STEM Scholars, cheerleading team, REACH and K-STEM peer mentoring groups, Greek life, Orientation Leaders
In my free time, I’m running on the Kokosing Gap Trail or eating at Chilitos with my friends. 

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