Kenyon’s COVID-19 signage system is designed to communicate regulations and temporary space restrictions surrounding the College’s pandemic response in a clear and consistent manner. Signs included in the system are a mix of standard signs installed in common locations, preprinted signs available on request, PDF signs available to download and post, and customizable signs with messages that can be tweaked for particular spaces’ needs.

Preprinted Signs Available on Request

Signs reminding community members of regulations, expectations and best practices during the pandemic are available from the Office of Communications. Signs are printed on medium-weight paper. Contact Adam Gilson in the Office of Communications to order any of these signs.

Face Coverings Required

Face coverings are required in all campus buildings.

Social Distancing Reminder

Stay six feet apart whenever possible.

CDC Recommendations

Wear a face covering, stay six feet apart, do not enter if you are feeling sick.

Customizable Signs

For space-specific messaging, a few matching signage templates are available in Canva Pro. Users must first have a Canva Pro account to use these templates and make their own signs. For an account, contact Adam Gilson in the Office of Communications.

In addition to the options below, signs with special instructions about sanitizing equipment are also available.

Elevator Capacity

Showing the reduced capacity of campus elevators.

Contact Information

Giving phone number and email addresses for offices that are either operating remotely or closed to visitors; giving the hours of operation for offices with reduced operating hours.

Check In Here

If any part of campus requires a visitor to complete an action first on a phone, this sign can tell that action.

Adam Gilson

Director of Campus Communications/Design Director
Phone Number
Email Address
Sparrow House 208

Signs Automatically Placed

The Maintenance Department will install the following standard signs throughout campus.

Building Entry Signs

Sharing the regulations for entering, including wearing face coverings.

Hand-washing Signs

Reminding restroom users to wash their hands before leaving.

Occupancy Limit Signs

Informing users of the temporarily lowered occupancy limits of spaces. If you manage a space and have not yet submitted the space's occupancy limit, please do so.

Signs Requested through Maintenance

The Maintenance Department will distribute the following signs, which are printed on vinyl with repositionable adhesive. To request them for your area, submit a work order.

Floor Decals

Six-foot distancing markers, wait-here markers, and one-way arrows.

Enter/Exit Only Signs

Designating doors that have been changed to enter only and exit only.

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Kenyon College
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