Steering Committee

Chair: Joe Klesner

Members: Meredith Harper Bonham, Ian Smith, Todd Burson, Chris Smith, Susan Morse, Janet Marsden

Charge: Integrate findings of other working groups into an overall operations plan; liaison to the Knox County Health Department

Working Groups

Group members include staff, faculty and students.

Chair: Joe Klesner

Members: Diane Anci, Meredith Harper Bonham, Kim McMullen, Dane Heuchemer, Jill McCartney, Howard Grier, Ellen Harbourt

Charge: To recommend a reopening calendar to Senior Staff.

Chair: Laura Kane

Members: Lacey Filkins, Jillian Yoder, Howard Grier

Charge: Ensure coordination between various efforts impacting Campus Life.

> Subcommittee: Campus Move-in

Members: Lacey Filkins (chair), Todd Bell, Doug Misarti, Lori Moore, Beth Pae

Charge: Develop a set of recommendations for a move-in process that takes into account the necessary state and local social distancing guidelines. 

> Subcommittee: Housing

Members: Jillian Yoder (chair), Becki Lanter, Beth Pae, Jenn Bermudez

Charge: Determine how to modify our residential spaces to promote social distancing, and designate/outfit quarantine locations on campus.

Chair: Kerry Rouhier

Members: Arianna Smith, Grant Wallace, Austin Porter, Keija Parssinen, Katie Black, Jennifer Bleiler, Leah Miller, Dana Krieg

Charge: Assess the struggles people are dealing with in regards to child/elder care in response to the pandemic and develop suggestions for ways the College can support its employees under these circumstances.

Chair: Sheryl Hemkin

Members: Ted Buehrer, Carol Duvall, Phaedra Woodard, Ellen Harbourt, Karen Hicks, Travis Landry, Seth Millam, Kimmarie Murphy, Darlene Tedrow, Grant Wallace

Charge: Identification of spaces that can both satisfy our enrollment needs and be modified to adhere to recommended public health guidelines for physical distancing.  Examination and improvement in ventilation for the classrooms spaces either through optimization of HVAC systems or by identifying direct ventilation options.  To support departments in determining how the flow of students through buildings could best conform to public health guidelines.

Chair: Janet Lape Marsden

Members: Diane Anci, Bradley Berklich '22, Jennifer Cabral, Anne Ellsworth, Delaney Gallagher '23, Adam Gilson, Howard Grier, David Hoyt, Laura Kane, Mary Keister, Drew Kerkhoff, Ted Mason, Heather Petersen, Chris Smith, Ian Smith, Julia Warga, Chris Wisbey

Charge: To identify the communications needed to support COVID-era operations and recommend approaches for implementation.

> Subcommittee: Welcome Kits

Members: Diane Anci (chair), Adam Gilson, Chris Smith, Heather Peterson, Laura Kane

Charge: Determine contents and quantities of health and safety bags for faculty and staff, students, visitors, and parents at drop-off.

> Subcommittee: Signage

Members: Adam Gilson (chair), Chris Wisbey, Drew Kerkhoff, Ian Smith

Charge: Develop a system of signage that consistently communications expectations for building and space occupancy across campus; work with Maintenance to order and display signage across campus; develop PSA-style posters to convey the importance of following norms and engender a spirit of togetherness.

> Subcommittee: Public Health Education

Members: David Hoyt (chair), Kate Berges '23, Laura Kane, Kiro Mikhaeel '22, Chris Smith

Charge: Use Kenyon social media and other tools to inform the campus community of public health measures (i.e. face coverings, social distancing) and remind them throughout the academic year. Partner with student organizations (i.e. Student Council) to effectively distribute peer-to-peer messages as opposed to top-down directives, and receive feedback about Kenyon’s public health education strategies and how they could be made more effective.

> Subcommittee: Policies, Community Commitment, Codes of Conduct

Members: Drew Kerkhoff (chair), Bradley Berklich '22, Jennifer Cabral, Delaney Gallagher '23, James Jackson, Laura Kane, Mary Keister

Charge: Foster productive policies to set expectations for our community; make sure that these communications are in alignment, in both spirit and content; understand how they intersect with other policies, student, faculty, employee handbooks, public health education effort; make sure the distribution of them is coordinated, as is where they live on the website; and make sure they support efforts to foster a safe and healthy living and learning environment.

> Subcommittee: Fostering a Healthy Culture

Members: Ted Mason (chair), Cherish Banks '22, Gerry Calles '22, Ever Croffoot-Suede '23, Stefano Frank De Maria '22, Anne Ellsworth, Delaney Gallagher '23, Judah Greenberg '21, Howard Grier, Grant Holt '22, Janet Marsden, Audrey Mueller '22, Sarah Pazen '22, Heather Peterson, Blue Semmelhack '22, Micah Smith '22

Charge: Develop plans and tactics by which the community can come together to support each other in achieving the goal of keeping everyone as healthy as we can. 

Chair: Meredith Harper Bonham

Members: Kelly Bryan, Ever Croffoot-Suede ‘23, Sheryl Hemkin, Mark Lang ‘22, Carisa Lanning, Becki Lanter, Fred Linger, Chris Wisbey

Charge: Determine how to modify dining practices in light of social distancing and other health concerns.

Chair: Emily Heithaus

Members: Grant Wallace

Charge: To oversee PEHS course offerings and accommodations for in-person and online instruction; reconfigure KenyonFit offerings; and provide guidance for club sports and intramurals.

> Subcommittee: Club Sports

Members: Jill McCartney (chair), Wendy Newell, Rocco Danese, Emily Heithaus, Grant Wallace

Charge: To establish the guidelines for club sports participation following campus and local and state health and safety guidelines.

Chair: Justin Newell

Members: Jay Corrigan, Kirstin Fuller, Alan Kavanaugh, Ron Kontura, Brett Worsham 

Charge: To reconfigure operations and determine use for all Kenyon Athletic Center venues following campus and local and state guidelines for health and safety.

Chair: Ted Mason

Members: Diane Anci, Ubongabasi Asuquo '23, Elizabeth Dark, Stefano Frank De Maria '22, Rory Dreyfus '23, Tom Hawks, Siobhan Fennessy, Lacey Filkins, Howard Grier, Sarah Heidt, Jennifer McMahon, Megan Monaghan, David Rowe, Ira Sukrungruang, Chris Yates

Charge: Programming to take place during the summer or in the gap between late August and start of the year.  The changing calendar has led the group to focus on the winter break period.

Chair: Jeff Bowman

Members: Jennifer Cabral, Pam Camerra-Rowe, Juan de Pascuale, Bruce Hardy, Ben Locke, Lori Moore, Wade Powell, Vernon Schubel, Darlene Tedrow, Orchid Tierney

Charge: Explore means of protecting vulnerable faculty and staff as the College reopens.

Chair: Chris Smith

Members: Ian Smith, Jennifer Cabral, Meredith Harper Bonham, Joan Slonczewski, Ron Griggs

Charge: Oversee efforts (students and employees) with respect to monitoring and implementing public health efforts for the campus. 

> Subcommittee: Monitoring and Contact Tracing

Members: Ron Griggs (chair), Catherine Gonzalez '22, Steve Van Holde, Ashleigh Zarley  

Charge: Identify training program for a select group of staff to conduct contact tracing for students; determine symptom monitoring program, e.g. Kinsa thermometers, for staff and students.

> Subcommittee: Testing Protocols

Members: Chris Smith (chair), Laura Kane, Mark Teeples, Jennifer Cabral, Ron Griggs (or designee)

Charge: Liaise with testing partners (Inspire Diagnostics and LabCorp); develop and administer testing protocols for staff and students, including staffing, consent forms and frequency.

> Subcommittee: Wastewater Testing

Members: Joan Slonczewski (chair), Ian Smith, Wade Powell, Jan Thomas, Chris Smith

Charge: Identify a wastewater testing vendor; receive and interpret results sent by vendor.

Chair: Diane Anci

Members: Meredith Bonham, Todd Burson, Jacque DeMarco, Chris Fahlman, Ron Griggs, Ian Smith, Ellen Turner

Charge: Establish protocols for welcoming visitors to campus including online instructions, welcome kits, visit follow-up, and training for staff who will be among the initial greeters.

Chair: Sheryl Hemkin

Members: Karen Hicks, Drew Kerkhoff, Ryan Nader '21, Frank Peiris, Sarah Petersen, Joan Slonczewski 

Charge: Establish protocols for the reopening of laboratories and other means of re-engaging research.

Chair: Howard Grier 

Members: Ubongabasi Asuquo '23, Todd Bell, Bradley Berklich '22, James Jackson, Kathy Lake, Gary Sweeney, Kim Wallace

Charge: Determine how to modify student engagement and social gatherings (formal and informal events) on campus for students and employees.

Chair: Lee Schott

Members: Ron Griggs, Craig Slaughter, Amanda Moran, Heidi Norris, Happy Kassaye ‘23, Roya Best ‘22, Micah Smith ‘22, Charlie Muller ‘22, Joan Nielson, Tammy Konkler

Charge: Develop policy proposals for student employment given that up to half of typical student employees, including those with work study, will not be on campus at any given time.

Chair: Amy Badertscher

Members: Erin Salva, Lori Moore, Anita Hooper, Delaney Gallagher ‘23

Charge: Determine how to offer safe study spaces for students who return.

Chair: Kelly Bryan

Members: Mark Teeples, Brett Worsham, Ian McInturf '21, Clare Kelley '21, Judy Holdener, Marty Fuller

Charge: Establish the return-to-sport protocols for varsity athletic teams following the Sport Science Institute guidelines, NCAA phases, and NCAC Health and Safety Committee recommendations.