Pamela Pyzza joined Kenyon’s faculty in 2020 after spending five years as a faculty member at Ohio Wesleyan University. As an applied mathematician, her research considers the dynamics of complex network systems with real-world applications in biological and social sciences. Pyzza works in the field of computational neuroscience where she uses mathematical modeling and computer programming to investigate how networks of neurons coordinate to perform complex functions underlying seemingly commonplace neurological aspects of everyday life such as one’s sense of smell and the necessity of sleep. Pyzza believes that effective communication between applied mathematicians and experimental researchers paves the way for robust research and important scientific progress.

Pyzza’s teaching focuses on the theory and methodologies used to model real-world problems, leading students toward a mathematical understanding of phenomena that arise in their own experiences. She emboldens students to take ownership of and pride in their work and to develop strong communication skills.

Areas of Expertise

Dynamical systems, computational neuroscience, biological network modeling