The Community Internship Program affords Kenyon students the valuable opportunity to gain meaningful work experience during the academic year, and engage in learning with the greater Knox County community. Area employers host Kenyon students for structured internships for 5-10 hours per week during the academic year, having students take on professional projects that help to develop the skills needed to be successful at Kenyon and beyond. Community partners benefit from student ideas and creativity while gaining support on key operations.

  • Economic Development Intern, Area Development Foundation
  • Marketing and Communications Intern, Ariel Corporation
  • Data and Analytics Intern, City Engineer’s Office
  • Legal Intern, City of Mount Vernon Law Office
  • Adult Day Service Intern, Creative Foundations
  • Client Aid Intern, Interchurch Social Services
  • Health Administration Intern, Knox Community Hospital
  • Social Media Intern, Knox County Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Pre-Veterinary Internship, Knox County Humane Society
  • Social Services Intern, Knox County Job & Family Services
  • Research Intern, Knox County Landmarks Foundation
  • Box Office and Social Media Intern, Memorial Building
  • Marketing and Prevention Intern, New Directions Shelter
  • Website Development Intern, The Shane Center
  • Fundraising and Development Intern, The Shane Center
  • After School Program Intern, United Way of Knox County
  • Customer Service Intern, Ver-Mac Industries
  • Geographic Information System Intern, Village of Gambier

Please note: The Career Development Office (CDO) regularly checks the academic and disciplinary statuses of students on behalf of campus and community partners. Failure to remain in good academic and disciplinary standing may negatively impact a student's application admissibility, employment status, and/or their ability to fully participate in internship offerings. In these cases, the CDO may reach out to students to discuss their application and/or employment eligibility.