Kenyon’s location at a cultural crossroads — a blue dot in a red county in a purple state — compels us to engage with our community and the world in order to shape perspectives and influence fundamental change.

Sparking Conversation

The Center for the Study of American Democracy brings together the Kenyon community to debate the issues of today — no matter how controversial — through nonpartisan and civil discourse. The center also supports internships in Washington, D.C., and makes teaching and research opportunities possible for students and faculty.

“As global citizens and educators, we work to understand the complexities of the conflict and the scope of its impact. That means creating spaces where all members of the Kenyon community are free and encouraged to ask difficult questions, examine their worldviews, and develop informed opinions rooted in their values.”

President Julie Kornfeld on recent events in Israel and Gaza

Connecting and listening across lines of difference

As a community of learners, one of the most important actions we can take is to better understand contemporary world crises. Kenyon’s Center for the Study of American Democracy sponsors programming that seeks to inform and educate the community about the current Israel-Hamas conflict while fostering constructive dialogue and civil discourse.

“Even though Kenyon students may not agree with what you’re saying, they’ll take their time to listen to you and to engage with the idea you're presenting. That is something we really need in the world right now.”

Ubong Asuquo ’23

We're here on purpose.

“The best class is one where everyone is silent at the end, because their worldview has been turned upside down. It means that their prior intuitions haven't simply been confirmed — it's changed the way they think about their world.”

David Rowe
Professor of Political Science

Engaging Opportunities

From sustainable agriculture to foreign language development, community-engaged learning (CEL) courses connect students to the people and issues affecting Knox County and beyond.