We believe that a diverse and inclusive learning environment—one that values intellectual rigor and civil discourse— succeeds by producing leaders who practice and promote these same values beyond their time at Kenyon.

We also believe:

Each and every one of us must feel welcome, respected and included. We realize that a culture of respect and inclusion doesn't happen spontaneously. It's up to all of us to intentionally build and sustain a welcoming community.

A liberal education thrives when it includes a wide range of perspectives. When students and faculty from a spectrum of cultures, faiths and backgrounds come together, the learning experience is more informed and inclusive.

An academically talented student body is a diverse one. As the diversity of Kenyon’s student body continues to expand, the academic credentials of entering students also have increased, as have retention and graduation rates.

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) supports the academic achievement and personal development of underrepresented students, faculty and staff at Kenyon.

Kenyon Educational Enrichment Program

The Kenyon Educational Enrichment Program, or KEEP, opens doors for underrepresented students of color and first-generation college students. KEEP is one of an ensemble of Kenyon programs devoted to strengthening connections across cultures, faiths and personal histories.

LGBTQ+ Community

Kenyon is home to a vibrant LGBTQ+ community and offers a robust set of programs and resources to support queer and transgender students.

Liberal arts education is rooted in preparation for citizenship; in the 21st century, we should aim toward a vision of inclusive citizenship, where everyone in the community shares equal rights to and responsibility for ensuring civility, respect for difference and a sense of belonging.”

Sean Decatur
  • 22% of our community are domestic students of color.

    Kenyon’s student body identifies as African American, Native American, Latina/o, Multiracial, Asian American/Pacific Islander, and White.  

  • 25%of faculty members identify as ethnically diverse.

    Kenyon professors lead a wide range of diversity-related studies, from African Diaspora to Political Science to Gender Studies.

  • 5 stars for LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

    Kenyon is one of only 38 college campuses in the country to receive top marks in the Campus Pride Index.