For the 2020–21 academic year, Kenyon will offer a mix of in-person and remote instruction, welcoming every student to campus for at least one semester. 

First-years, sophomores and new transfer students will be in residence for the fall semester; we hope to be able to invite all students to campus for the spring, but if conditions do not improve we will invite juniors and seniors. We will reserve space on campus both semesters for international students, regardless of class year, and for other students with exceptional circumstances.

COVID Reporting Dashboard

Throughout the year, Kenyon will administer COVID-19 testing to approximately 25% of students in residence weekly. The College receives copies of test results and will update each weekday a dashboard of aggregate data.

COVID-19 Signage

Kenyon has provided a mix of signs for common locations, preprinted signs available on request, PDF signs to download and print, and customizable signs.

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Working Groups

Led by an overarching steering committee, a variety of working groups and subcommittees have been charged with looking after issues related to COVID-19, from campus life and public health to research and communications.