The Kenyon College Ombudsperson (Ombuds) is a neutral conflict resolution professional whose primary responsibility is to be an informal and independent resource for people who have questions, concerns or issues internal to the College. All students, faculty and staff may consult with the ombuds about whatever is troubling them. The ombuds will listen without judgment, help with evaluating options and may provide coaching tips on how best to proceed. All communication is held confidential with limited exceptions related to sexual misconduct, felony criminal activity and an imminent risk of harm. Meetings can be held at the ombuds' office, another location or even over the phone.

When should I visit the Ombuds Office?

Anytime you:

  • Are looking for neutral assistance with a difficult or sensitive issue;
  • Need someone to listen to your concerns without judgement;
  • Want guidance on how to resolve a conflict on your own;
  • Are not sure where else to go; or
  • Need help identifying options.

Who can use the Ombuds Office?

Any member of the college community can talk with the ombuds, including students, faculty and staff. You can contact the office as a first step, a last resort or anywhere along the way. 

Should I make an appointment?

To ensure confidentiality for visitors and ombuds availability, it is best to make an appointment before visiting the office. Meetings can be held at the ombuds' office, another location or even over the phone. Contact the ombudsperson to make an appointment, or use this form to request that the  Ombuds contact you ASAP.

Carrie Knell

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Eaton Center North 159