Studying Classics at Kenyon

A knowledge of the classics enhances understanding in a variety of disciplines, including art and architecture, history, political science, philosophy, and religion. Classics courses at Kenyon include courses in mythology and Greek and Roman history, archaeology, and literature in translation. Greek and Latin are offered at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels.

A Timeless Discipline

Distinguished by expert faculty, inquisitive students and innovative alumni, the Kenyon classics department offers a foundational lens for examining and remedying present-day challenges.

  • 4different majors are available: Greek, Latin, Greek and Latin, or classical civilization.

  • Tales of the Looted

    Associate Professor of Classics Zoë Kontes examines the stories behind illicit antiquities in her podcast, Looted.

  • 21students are currently majoring or minoring in classics.

  • Theater of War

    Founder of the Theater of War, Bryan Doerries ’98 uses ancient Greek tragedies as a catalyst for conversations about dark, complex issues.

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