Requirements: Integrated Program in Humane Studies


The Integrated Program in Humane Studies (IPHS), the oldest of Kenyon's interdisciplinary programs, engages students in an intensive study of classic works deriving from a wide range of historical contexts, cultural settings and fields of knowledge. Our mission is to encourage and to help guide intellectual exploration and experimentation. Balancing tradition and innovation, IPHS is dedicated to helping students to express their analyses and evaluations of classic works ranging from Homer and Dante to Austen and Proust in a clear and articulate manner. By discovering or creating links between areas of knowledge and modes of knowing that are most often segregated by disciplines and departments, IPHS encourages students to think carefully and critically. It also provides students with the opportunity to experiment with an array of expressive media, including essays, films, multimedia presentations, graphic arts and plays. These projects enable students to develop their abilities in written communication, oral communication, critical thinking and new media skills, including design and composition.

The Curriculum

IPHS blends lectures, small seminars, and one-on-one or two-on-one student-faculty tutorials. This unique approach to learning allows students to work closely with their professors. IPHS promotes a sense of community in which intellectual differences are respected and intellectual ties are strengthened.

Note: Completion of the first-year, introductory seminar in IPHS counts toward the IPHS Concentration and may also fulfill up to one (1) unit of diversification in humanities or social sciences.

More details are available in the IPHS Diversification Credits table.

Requirements for the Concentration

The concentration in IPHS requires five courses

  • IPHS 113Y–114Y  
  • An additional two courses at the intermediate-level after completion of IPHS 113Y-114Y. Students often choose IPHS 215 as one of their upper-level courses. Courses in a variety of other fields may be counted toward the concentration as well, including courses in classics, philosophy, history and political science. Students must obtain permission to count such courses by petitioning the program and consulting with the IPHS director.
  • IPHS 484 Senior Research Seminar — This can be possibly be done as a junior with permission from the IPHS director.