Registration Time Periods for Fall 2020

Course request form due dates are listed below (more information to follow)

Rising Seniors (Class of 2021): Thursday, April 16 by 4:30 p.m. (EST)
Rising Juniors (Class of 2022): Thursday, April 23 by 4:30 p.m. (EST)
Rising Sophomores (Class of 2023): Thursday, April 30 by 4:30 p.m. (EST)
First-years (Class of 2024): Registration plans are due in Plan Ahead by Monday, August 10. Schedules will be completed by Monday, August 17.

Web Registration Information and Instructions

Read all instructions. For the latest course information, see the Schedule of Courses. Please review registration instructions for Plan Ahead.

On Campus Students

Registration will take place through Personal Access Pages.

  • DO NOT USE THE BACK BUTTON ON YOUR BROWSER. You should use "Return to Menu" or "Site Map" to navigate through the pages. If you use your back button during registration it will cause an error message to appear ("Your changes have already been submitted"). If this occurs, click ok and then click on site map located at the top right of the page. Under student, click - registration and begin again.
    • Log onto your Personal Access Pages. You should do this before your schedule start time
    • Confirm your identity using Duo

    • On your Personal Access Pages homepage, click Student > Registration > Select Upcoming Term > Submit 

    • Choose Add or Drop Classes; this is where you will need to enter your alternate PIN that you received from your advisor on the colored card.
    • Enter CRN's into the boxes at the bottom of the page and then click Submit Changes.
    • Assuming there were no errors, this registers you for the courses you entered. If there are any errors you will see them listed below your schedule with a red exclamation point. THESE COURSES HAVE NOT BEEN ADDED TO YOUR SCHEDULE. You may have to obtain signatures and add them during drop/add period.

To view your completed schedule:
Log on to Personal Access Pages: Menu > Student Services > Registration. Select the correct term, then Detailed Student Schedule. You MUST meet with your faculty advisor to obtain your Alternate PIN, which is printed on a colored card, to gain access to the registration page. Your advisor can refuse to give you the alternate PIN if you have not met with him or her prior to your registration period.

OCS Students: Please read this information.
Enrollment Procedures 

Students can only enroll in 2.25 units (four 0.50 unit courses plus 0.25 units) of credit during web registration. Any additional labs, music lessons/ensembles, PHSD, dance classes, fifth 0.50 unit classes can be added during the drop/add period, during the first 7 class days.

*As a courtesy, please don't fill your schedule with courses just to have a full schedule. It is fine to not have a full schedule at this point.

Tips for Registration 

Registration consists of entering CRN's into boxes and then attempting to register for those courses. Use the searchable schedule to bookmark your courses. Have your course list available so that you have the choices handy. You will need to enter the CRN for each course to register.

  • Reserved Seats
    In an effort to keep a particular balance of students in a class, some faculty choose to reserve seats by class. These courses should be considered a priority when registering.
  • Permission of Instructor (PI)
    Courses that indicate PI (permission of instructor) cannot be added during web registration without an override. You will need to contact the instructor of the course and have them enter an online override before your scheduled start time.
  • Prerequisites
    • Read the course descriptions for prerequisites and corequisites. Courses with prerequisites listed in the course description will be checked by the system.
    • If your record does not list the AP score or the Kenyon class, you will be unable to enroll in the course via the web unless you ask the instructor to enter with an override online.
    • Transfer credit does not get checked in this process unless we have equated a transfer course to a Kenyon course on your transcript.
    • When you receive an override from the instructor, this does not register you for the course, you MUST add the course during registration.
  • Corequisites
    When entering CRN's for any labs with lectures listed as the corequisite, you must enter them at the same time in web registration or the system will not register you for the lab.
  • Wait-listing Courses
    • You CAN wait list for a course that has a time conflict with a course you are already registered in.
    • You CAN wait list in courses that take you over the 2.25 credit max. Waitlisted courses show as 0.00 credit until they are added to your schedule.
    • You CANNOT wait list in a duplicate course. Ex: If you are registered in ENGL 104.01, you CANNOT wait list for another section of ENGL 104. This includes special topics.
    • When a wait list enabled course reaches the enrollment limit, the next student who attempts to add the course will be informed that the course enrollment is filled and will be asked whether they would like to wait list. Saying yes will add your name to the list.
  • Audit-Individual Study-Senior Honors 
    • You cannot sign up for these during web registration. Audits can be done on an enrollment change request form and turned in only during the first seven class days of each semester. Forms for senior honors can be found in the Registrar's office or the Registrar's web page. Individual studies can be found online and turned in only during the first seven class days. The form must be fully completed and have all required signatures.

Notice of Individual Student Responsibility
While faculty and staff stand ready to encourage and advise, the final responsibility for complying with College polices and procedures as well as for meeting degree requirements rests with the individual student. Students have access to all of the College policies in the Course Catalog and various enrollment instructions and are held accountable for their content.