Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy

Kenyon College’s Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy applies to all forms of sexual and gender-based discrimination, harassment and violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, bullying and retaliation. More about the Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy.

Discriminatory Harassment Policy and Procedures

Kenyon College aspires to create an environment where the worth and dignity of every individual is recognized, and where individuals' unique experiences and backgrounds are respected. Respect for difference and equality of opportunity are values to which the College strongly adheres. Kenyon is committed to a community of mutual respect for difference, of understanding and tolerance and, concomitantly, its absolute rejection of bigotry and persecution. More about the Discriminatory Harassment Policy.

Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Prevention Program

Kenyon College is committed to a drug-free school and work environment for its students and employees. Furthermore, Kenyon College is committed to and supports the applicable laws governing the use of alcohol and illicit drugs.
More about Kenyon's drug-free environment.

Small Gatherings Guidelines

The ability to host small gatherings comes with the responsibility of following the rules and regulations outlined in the Kenyon College Student Handbook. Those rules and regulations include adhering to the alcohol policy, capacity limitations and housing accountability standard.
More about the Small Gatherings Guidelines.