The Writing Center is composed of trained student writing consultants who conduct individual conferences with writers. Discussing your organization, development, argument and style can help deepen your understanding of a topic and find the best way to articulate your idea. Writing consultants do more than merely proofread; they help you cultivate long-term improvement by recognizing patterns of style and error. 

You discuss an assignment or an idea and a head full of questions, or bring a rough draft. If you do have something written, it’s best to prepare a few questions that will help you and the writing consultant focus on specific parts of the process of thinking and writing. Writing Center consultants also offer advice on creative writing, cover letters, and resumes.  

Writing Consultants and Liaisons

The Writing Center is staffed by students who have a passion for helping others succeed. The center employs writing consultants who provide general support and also writing liaisons who support students in specific courses and departments. Meet the current consultants or learn more about becoming one.

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