The programs and services below are led by the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI), as well as number of campus and community partners who share in this important work.

The Kenyon Educational Enrichment Program (KEEP) is a selective program aimed at underrepresented students of color and first-generation college students. KEEP introduces first-year students to Kenyon before Orientation by offering them an intensive academic experience in the summer  and connecting them with supportive peers and mentors. Stipends are provided. More about KEEP

Kenyon's mentoring program is titled Recognizing Each Other's Ability to Conquer the Hill (REACH). Consistent with the best practices in the area of underrepresented peer mentoring programs, REACH recognizes the need to assist first-year and second-year underrepresented and first-generation students in adjusting academically, emotionally and socially to Kenyon College. More about REACH

Kenyon has been recognized by the Campus Pride Index as a model of LGBTQ+ inclusivity. LGBTQ+ students are supported with inclusive policies, courses, programs, events and student-run spaces. More about LGBTQ+ resources

This program assists students with necessary living expenses to complete an internship in the city/area that they will be working. Available to students with need-based financial aid, this fund helps cover costs associated with food, travel, lodging, and professional attire necessary to successfully complete the internship. More about support funds

The Alumni of Color Mentoring Initiative gives students the opportunity to network with, learn from and share feedback with alumni of color as well as providing former Kenyon students the chance to give back in a transformational way that could shape students' lives. More about the Alumni of Color Mentoring Initiative

Program Houses

The Kenyon campus includes three distinct, program houses: the Snowden Multicultural Center, the Crozier Center for Women, and Unity House. Each of these program houses help to support residential learning experiences, while also providing additional opportunities for student leaders to help shape the programming implemented by the ODEI.

Crozier Center for Women focuses special attention on minority gender experiences (women, trans, non-binary, etc); and provides safe sex programming, information, and supplies.

The Snowden Multicultural Center serves as a resource and facility for multicultural programming, including celebrations, discussions, films, performances, lectures, and special meals.

Unity House serves to offer a supportive, educational, social and cultural environment in order to enhance awareness and acceptance about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and ally concerns throughout the Kenyon community.

Additional Kenyon Resources

The Hillel House enthusiastically invites anyone who wishes to learn more, study, and or commune in the Jewish faiths and traditions.  At Kenyon, we encourage dialogue about our faith and demonstrate our diversity through social, cultural, educational, political and religious life.

The Center for Global Engagement promotes international diversity by offering a multitude of study abroad programs, providing orientation programming for international students, and organizing host families throughout the year. 


Kenyon Interfaith Partnership (KIP) promotes relationships and mutual understanding among communities of different religious and moral traditions and supports the programming of individual student organizations. We work to encourage interfaith cooperation and exploration while promoting respect for religious life in the pursuit of the liberal arts.

Student Accessibility Support Services (SASS) coordinates the provision of academic accommodations for students with disabilities. All accommodations are individualized, confidential and based upon both the nature of the disability and the demands of the academic environment.

The diversity advisors (DAs) are an official student-facilitated diversity group with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

Composed of faculty members, administrators, and students, the Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) meets throughout the academic year to assess the state of diversity at Kenyon. Underlying the council’s work is a commitment to fostering a campus environment where all individuals, whatever their origin or intended destination, can pursue personal and intellectual goals.