The Kenyon campus includes three distinct, program houses: the Snowden Multicultural Center, the Crozier Center for Women, and Unity House. Each of these program houses help to support residential learning experiences, while also providing additional opportunities for student leaders to help shape the programming implemented by the ODEI.

Crozier Center for Women

Crozier Center for Women focuses special attention on minority gender experiences (women, trans, non-binary, etc); and provides safe sex programming, information, and supplies.

Snowden Multicultural Center

The Snowden Multicultural Center serves as a resource and facility for multicultural programming, including celebrations, discussions, films, performances, lectures, and special meals.

Unity House

Unity House serves to offer a supportive, educational, social and cultural environment in order to enhance awareness and acceptance about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and ally concerns throughout the Kenyon community.