The Snowden Multicultural Center promotes understanding and respect among people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, on and off campus. Centrally located in Gambier, the student-led diversity initiative hosts multicultural celebrations, discussions, films, performances, lectures and special meals.


Chris Kennerly, associate dean of students and director of diversity, equity and inclusion, directs the Snowden Multicultural Center. The Program Board, composed of students and members of the administration, faculty, staff and community, plans and implements events at the center. The Program Board is open to anyone in the community with a desire to participate. The center contains a library with a diverse collection of books, videos, and other materials.

Student Managers

The Snowden Multicultural Center is staffed by two student managers who are responsible for programming within the space. For the 2020-2021 academic year, our student managers are Noor Kamal (she/her) and Talisha Ward (she/her).

Important COVID-19 Update

In line with the latest public health guidance, social distancing is required in the Snowden Multicultural Center main lounge. As such, meetings that would normally occur in the physical space should take place virtually instead.

Snowden Multicultural Center

2020-21 Student Managers: Noor Kamal (she/her), Talisha Ward (she/her)
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Phone Number
100 E. Brooklyn St.
Unit 1
Gambier, OH 43022