1. Why are my courses in alpha order in the "Registration Plan" instead of the order I entered them?
    The system is recording a sequence number that you cannot see when you add a course to the plan. Computer systems like to order things; alpha order is what the programmers have chosen. The sequence number will be used to order your courses.
  2. What do I do if I get the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error? 
    Your computer might be caching information. To avoid this error clear your browsing history or paste the link into a new incognito window of your browser.
  3. How do I list alternate courses?
    For courses with multiple sections, you can list the sections in order of preference. The system will put you in only one. Be sure not to list an alternate course that will create a time conflict with a course later in your plan.
  4. What do I do if I accidentally delete my registration plan?
    The good news is you can create it again. The name of the plan needs to be “Registration Plan.” You will need to add your alternate PIN to that plan in the note by clicking on the note icon.
  5. When I click register for courses I get an error. How do I fix this?
    You do not need to fix this. Your task is to add the sections to your plan. On the landing page please click “Plan Ahead.” We will register you after the deadline.
  6. Do I have to use the "advising plan" or can I create a list or spreadsheet for my advisor? 
    You can share your advising plan however you wish. However, creating it in Plan Ahead gives you the practice for creating your Registration Plan.
  7. Why doesn't the instruction mode show?
    We added the instruction mode to the schedule of courses after the schedule was created. We did not have time to learn and build another part of Banner that might have shown the instruction mode in the Plan Ahead course schedule. You can see the instruction mode on the Schedule of Coursess. 
  8. Why don't the days and times show in my plan?
    If you click on Edit Plan, the schedule will appear in the bottom left panel of the screen. 
  9. Why doesn't the schedule grid on my plan show the times and days of the course?
    If the time, days and instructors do not appear, you added the course to your plan before clicking on "View Section." You need to add a section for the course to be added to your schedule when we process schedules.
  10. added my courses to my Registration Plan and the order changes. What am I doing wrong?
    Each time you add a course to the plan, click save. This ensures that the order will be as you expect. With testing, we discovered that if two or more courses are added without saving in between, the order will be reverse order that those courses were selected. That means add a course. Save. Add a course. Save.
  11. Alternate courses — How do I do this?
    If a course has multiple sections, you can add these right after adding the preferred section of the course — being sure not to add any alternates that will create time conflicts with the courses that will be added next. If the course does not have multiple sections and you list the course immediately after, you run the risk of being added to both of the courses. Therefore, list the alternate as your 5th choice (excluding the alternate sections you may have listed).
    ECON 101.02
    ECON 101.04
    ECON 101.06
    MATH 111.01
    MATH 111.02
    MUSC 101.00
    WGS 111.00
    ARHS 110.00 (alternate for MUSC 101.00)
    The concern with adding MUSC 101 and the ARHS is that the student could be registered for both. They are not equivalent.