Latinx Student Association is a campus wide organization whose main objective is supporting Latinx students and promoting a sense of community on campus. 

African Students Association

The African Students Association is committed to nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness about the African continent.

Black Student Union

Our goal is to provide a space for anyone of the African diaspora and seek to produce engaging events in an effort to increase dialogue about the various cultures present in the diaspora. In addition, we hope to be an open door and community for those native to the African diaspora and those interested in it. The Black Student Union is an inclusive space for all.

Canterbury Kenyon

Canterbury Kenyon, the Episcopal campus ministry, is here to love God together, grow together in faith, and welcome all. Canterbury Kenyon works with Harcourt Student Ministry to support the spiritual life of students.

Chinese Culture Club

Chinese Culture Club (CCC) seeks to explore Chinese history and culture with the Kenyon community. 


Our goal is to provide support for any students interested in Jewish Life on campus. Facilitating various activities that include both students, faculty, administration and the entire community.

Indigenous Nations at Kenyon

Indigenous Nations at Kenyon was established to raise awareness of Indigenous issues, Indigenous identity and Indigenous presence in the Kenyon community.

International Society at Kenyon

To be the voice of international students on campus, to address international student issues and to raise awareness about global and cross-cultural issues through programs and events.

Kenyon Asian Identities

Kenyon Asian Identities creates an inter-sectional alliance that brings together all Asian/Asian American people, our issues, and our relationships with other minority groups. 

Kenyon College Athletes for Equality

Kenyon College Athletes for Equality's mission is to promote an accepting and welcoming environment for all student-athletes and to educate the student body on the presence of LGBTQ athletes in sports. 

Men of Color 

Men of Color is an organization dedicated to the success, fellowship, and social stability of male students of color at Kenyon College. 

The Middle East Student Association

The Middle East Student Association was founded to raise awareness of Middle Eastern and Islamicate culture and politics.

QMS (Queer Masculinities Society, formerly Queer Men’s Society) aims to develop community among members of Kenyon College’s LGBTQIA+ community by cultivating discussion, offering a social space, and engaging with (while also celebrating) difference. 


Sisterhood is an organization that unifies Kenyon's women of color through fellowship and discussion. Sisterhood aims to explore issues faced by women of color on and off campus.

South Asian Society

The South Asian Society encourages discourse among the student body at the College by initiating conversations pertaining to South Asia and raising awareness about its diverse traditions and experiences.