Use of College Vehicle

Policy for Employee Use of College Vehicle

1. College vehicles can only be rented by College departments for College business.

2. All drivers must be certified by the Safety Office, including driving record check and completion of driver training program. Certified drivers must be identified at the time vehicle reservations are made.

3. When a vehicle is needed, contact the Coordinator of Transportation Services in Safety. An account number, the destination, name(s) of driver(s), date and time of pickup and return must be provided. Requests must be made at least three days in advance and are granted based on vehicle availability. The use of a College vehicle can be denied in the event of adverse weather and unsafe road conditions.

4. The following vehicles are available:

  • Sedans
  • Six passenger minivans
  • Fifteen passenger vans

Contact the Safety Office for the current per mile charge for each type of vehicle.

5. Drivers must:

A. Pick up keys, gas cards, and mileage forms at the Switchboard in the Safety Building.

B. Follow the "Rules of the Road" when operating a College vehicle.

C. Return vehicle to the appropriate parking space as scheduled and turn in keys, gas receipts, and completed mileage forms to the Switchboard upon return.

6. Possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited in College vehicles. Smoking is also prohibited.